Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tata Nano Production Sanand Plant

After almost one and a half year of strong protest against the production of Tata Nano in Singur plant by Trinamool Congress, the little wonder car is ready to roll out from its new mother plant. That's true. Tata Motors is ready to roll out the first batch of Nano from its newly constructed production unit at Sanand, Gujarat.

Tata Nano cars to roll out from the Gujarat factory
According to the automaker, the first set of Tata Nano cars from the Gujarat factory will roll out in the Indian market on the 1st of May, 2010. The day has been chosen carefully by the automaker as this day is celebrated as Gujarat Day as the state came into existence on this day in the year 1960. This year Gujarat would be celebrating its Golden Jubilee year and Tata Motors has grabbed this opportunity to build stronger rapport with the state by choosing this day for rolling out first batch of Tata Nano from its new Mother plant.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Automakers Hike Prices of Vehicles 1st April 2010

Various automobile companies have announced an increase in the prices of their vehicles from the 1st of April, 2010. This decision came as the new Bharat Stage emission norms come into effect from April 1st and the new automobiles that would be hitting the roads soon will require modifications to be compliant with the latest BS-IV norms.

Car majors like Hyundai Motors will increase the prices of diesel vehicles by 3% and prices of petrol run cars by 1.5%. General Motors, has made it clear that the company would be hiking the prices by 1.5% and the hike in prices will vary between Rs 600 and Rs 11,000."

The other auto companies who are increasing the prices of the vehicles include Tata Motors, Toyota Kirloskar Motor and Skoda Auto India. Tata Motors though has not announced any hike yet, but has also made it clear that there will be an hike in the products but at the right time. Toyota Kirloskar Motors will increase the prices between 1% and 3%.

While every automaker is announcing the price hike in vehicles, India's most popular automaker Maruti Suzuki has no plans at present to increase the rates of its products.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Do's & Dont's While Replacing Fuel Filter

Dos and Don'ts of Fuel Filter Repair
Changing fuel filter must be easy for you now, but you need to keep a check to avoid any mishappening or any mistake. Since every process has few 'Do's & Don'ts, so does the procedure of replacing fuel filter has. A glance at these instructions would definitely ensure safer fuel replacement process. Read on to find the "Do's & Dont's While Replacing Fuel Filter."

Do's While Replacing Fuel Filter

Make sure to drain the fuel tank before removing it for cleaning.

Always keep in mind that the fuel to be used should be in a sealed container.

Its important that automobile battery should be disconnected before starting the process. The failure in which will lead to accidental sparks that could be dangerous.

Check the filter to ensure that it does not leak and is snug. Usage of gasket sealer to filter threads helps in a leak-free connection.

Cross check the hose clamps for their position. Make sure they are properly positioned as well as tight.

Don'ts While Replacing Fuel Filter

No Smoking – Never smoke while you are repairing or replacing the fuel filter. It isfuel hose advised that you should also keep away all kinds of electrical systems to avoid any damage to them as well as any harm to yourself.

At the time of replacing fuel filter, one needs to tighten the screws into inlet fitting on carburetor. While doing so, never overtighten it. You might damage the threads in carburetor.

Never use RTV silicone sealer that dissolves in gasoline to prevent leakage. Even teflon tape should also be avoided.

Try not to bring in use old rubber hoses at the time of replacing in-line filter.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 Steps to Replace Fuel Filters

A little attention and basic knowledge about the fuel supply system will help you follow these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips to replace fuel filters easily. When you know that it is time to change the fuel filter, you should also know how to do so. If you don't know how to, read on to find it.

fuel filter
Steps to Replace Worn Out Fuel Filter With New One

First Step – The very first step is to relieve the pressure in your fuel lines and fuel filter. For this you need to start the car first carefully pull the fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay out. This should be done with engine running. This way you can release all the fuel pressure from the fuel lines. Remember, if you don't release the pressure, explosion can take place while changing fuel filter.

Second Step – The next step is to use wrenches to unbolt the fuel filter fittings. Now try sliding the fuel line off the bolt. Also unscrew the bolt on the other side of the fuel filter. Now that you have taken off the bolts, make sure you keep them properly. You will need them while fixing the new fuel filter.

Third Step – You can now easily remove the old fuel filter. While removing it, you may also find that a small clamp. A screwdriver can be used to release this clamp.

Fourth Step – Closely observe the position of old fuel filter before removing it because you have place the new one in the same position.

Fifth Step – Don't forget to change the washers too. It is important that you change the pressure washer that can be found with the fuel line bolts.

Sixth Step – Now take the new fuel filter and place it at its position. Now just try to snug down the clamps. Fix it properly and tightly so as to prevent any fuel leakage. Also fix the bolts that you had kept aside. Make sure you tighten them properly with the use of wrenches.

Seventh & Last Step – Start the engine to check. Once you have replaced the fuel filter, you need to run the car's engine. Now check the fuel filter for any loose connections. Also check for fuel filter seal.

These 7 steps to change or replace fuel filters are easy, but need to be followed carefully. Just change your car's fuel filter to enjoy longer and trouble free drive. Happy Safe Driving!

Keep following to find out "Some Do's & Dont's While Replacing Fuel Filter" in the next post.